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Amharic Keys

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유틸리티 생산성
개발자: LE SANG
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If youre looking for fastest Amharic system keyboard for iOS8
Please check Black Keys app from us
This is QWERTY Amharic keyboard help you type in Amharic and quick copy to your apps.
*Amharic alphabet have too many letters, how to type in QWERTY keyboard?
This keyboard use Tap & Hold gesture to display all letter in 1seri, then you just move your hand to letter you need(check screenshot 4,5)

*How to install Amharic font:
-iOS7.0: hide the keyboard, choose setting icon and install font. Restart other app when copy.
-iOS7.1: Open all apps need to copy Amharic (email, SMS,Facebook...), then install font like iOS7.0. Dont close app in back ground. If still no Amharic text when copy, just install font again